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Sistem Akare Ltd   (Click to see company details in Turkish & English)         



                                                      -Ahmet Aydemir (Click to see founder C.V.)



CONSULTANCY is the trusted body to keep clients intellectual property in secure hands.

CONSULTANCY is clear view from at least from one aspect.

CONSULTANY is empathy for client.

CONSULTANCY is feeling responsible and taking the risk.

CONSULTANCY is sometimes being odd.

CONSULTANCY is being independent.

CONSULTANCY is  free from market lobby.

CONSULTANCY is local solution provider.

CONSULTANCY is free from all favors.

CONSULTANCY is first trying himself then asking from some one else.



A competent CONSULTANT is a great asset for client.

Developed countries attach great importance to CONSULTANCY and show utmost care selecting  the right one.

Corrupted institutions  can not fill CONSULTANT positions with deserved staff since they are not aware of importance of non biased knowledge..

Our CONSULTANCY concept is relied on 35 years of proven engineering experience at international scale combining design ,construct and operation virtues.  





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