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The roots of our company, which we founded in 1992, have been extended to the past and fed by 40 + years of engineering resources.

We believe that every new business brings a new challenge and industrial trends that are changing at a dizzying pace is the main driving force of our dynamic structure.

This process, in which globalization is felt intensively, has also helped us gain vast experience in many different sectors.

Some of these sectors should be listed as below:

 Industrial projects which necesitates top degree knowledge skills and safety

 Iron and steel industry

Aluminium factories 

Cigarette factories

Grain silos

Flour Mill

Oil factories

Automobile factories

Automotive industry facilities

Textile factories and subsidiary industry facilities

Oil Refineries

Petrochemical plants

Power Plants

Water treatment plants

Glass factories

Oil exploration and distribution lines 

Social habitats where the different concerns are the forerunners such as: 

Tourism investments

Hotel projects

Parking facilities

Fire escape routes

Large embassy and consulate units and residences

Mixed structures and towers

Entertainment sector


Stores and galleries

Exhibition and exhibition halls

Business centers

Shopping malls


Sub-disciplines we gain expertise in: 

HV / MV / LV power distribution systems

Low current systems

Data infrastructure systems

Building automation systems

Industrial automation systems

Industrial instrument systems

Alternative energy R&D studies

And  other mechanical systems related to these systems.


Our basic principle of project management understanding was prioritized time price and quality objectives.

 Win win principle was the driving force while we were working with different individuals and counterparts who  come from various cultural background.


 Although we serve in business lines such as contracting, trading, representation, etc., we define ourselves as an engineering company that contributes positively to bring innovation to the projects that are undertaken

Constantly questioning and understanding how we can better do it.

The harmony and self-esteem of a company that does its first job and the self-reliance it brings with its aged experiences


                 Achievements & Persistency

Every living organism on earth needs some basic  things to continue its presence.

We believe that Corporate structures basic food is sound and proven  knowledge for their continuous existence.

 We therefore, strive to be best at what we are  doing.

 Believing that every new job is new opportunity  as well as new challanges .

We never  underestimate any task.

We avoid panic and rush since they worsen the situation.

 Response behavior is more prior than response time on crisis situations.

 No matter what you achieve ,sky is the Limit.

What makes us different

We don't hang about.

We involve in all aspect of the work. 

We always foresee long duration relation.

We believe there is always space for improvement.

R&D is a driving force for us. 

The positive approach to arguments.

Empathize towards others


Ahmet Aydemir


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